Where Are People Moving To?

Sometimes, it’s important to have a fresh start and move to a new location. Many people feel comfortable living in their own hometown; however, more and more families and individuals are seeking greener pastures for a new chapter in their lives. These five desirable US states are becoming some of the most popular to relocate to. With many positive factors contributing to population booms, those seeking a new home can rest at ease in the state that they were born to be living in.


Much more than just busy Las Vegas, the state of Nevada has seen an impressive boom in new residents due to such positive aspects as lower taxes and an affordable cost of living, according to Bellhops. Many Californians choose to move to Nevada to seek better jobs as the state can be somewhat nearby their current location but also far enough away to start a new life with their families. Those in the service industry, as well as rural farmers, can find employment in the cities and on the land with vacation destinations right in their own state.


The sprawling state of Idaho has experienced population growth yearly, especially in the capital, Boise. Statistics show a booming economy for workers, breathtaking scenery for all, and an impressive education system for students of any age to advance to college. This fast-growing state has a reputation for a friendly reputation with a rural community to get some peace and quiet away from the cities.


Arizona and young professionals alike enjoy the beauty and sophistication of Arizona. This large state features multiple cities to suit all walks of life with tax benefits for retirees and great natural attractions for visiting families.


Oregon is a popular destination for those who live an artistic lifestyle, enjoy scenic beauty, and are looking for a fresh start in their chosen field. The population has increased among millennials due to a thriving tech sector that keeps the market booming. The relaxed atmosphere makes cities such as Portland a diverse community for people from all walks of life.


Much more than a fantasy family vacation locale, Florida is a popular state to move after retirement. Lowered taxes and plenty of retirement homes are advantages to relocating to the sunny state with suitable weather and many fun attractions. Many families and retirees find it easy to move to Florida from other locations. In fact, according to Auto Justice Attorney, the moving industry contributed nearly $7 billion to Florida’s economy in 2016.

Whether you’re a first time home buyer, a military family looking to settle down, or simply someone who needs a change of pace, please consider these five locations to fit your needs. No matter if you’re looking for an easier living situation or a more lucrative job, these popular locales around the country will have something you need to grow and thrive.

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