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Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Goals for 2017

Often times, people give up on their New Year’s weight loss goals if they do not see results within a week.  Surprisingly, some people believe that exercise gives them the freedom to eat whatever they want and still be able to achieve their weight loss goals.  This is simply not possible for most individuals.  First, set goals what you want to achieve: lose weight, muscle gain, or both.   Most people just want to lose weight and maintain an ideal weight calculated through Body Mass Index (BMI) calculators available online.  You can check your BMI here: National Institutes of Health

Next, use portion control.  In other words, adjust the number of calories you devour daily.  Also, you can concentrate on eating healthy and nutritious foods rather than high-fat or heavy carbohydrate foods to fill your daily needs.

A simple fifteen-minute exercise routine can help you get results if you are following the right diet plan.  Include green vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, dry fruits, and beans in your diet.  Skip saturated fats, junk food, heavy carbs, and sugars.

Below, check out the video of a great tried and tested diet called Military Diet which some have been able to shed 10 pounds in only 3 days.

Leave us a comment with your thoughts on the Military Diet and if you think it would help you reach your weight loss goals!

Via Youtube / Slimming Solutions


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