You Won’t Believe This Video of a Leaked iPhone 7s Plus and 8 – Unbelievable 

Hands-on with iPhone 7s Plus and 8 prototypes

I apologize for the theatrics, but I am very excited! Everyone seems focused on the iPhone 8. However, did you know that there will likely be an iPhone 7s Plus released this year as well? Thus, the above video gives a good representation of what the final iPhone 7s Plus and 8 may look like. Check it out!

iPhone 7s Plus and 8 side by side

iPhone 7s Plus and 8

Unlike what Apple has in store for the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7s Plus (Silver iPhone on the left) will have a glass back for wireless charging (please be true), as well as a new dual camera system.  The 7s Plus will keep the traditional aspect ratio and old-style Touch ID embedded in the Home Button.  The engine of the phone will get an upgrade to Apple’s proprietary A11 CPU and the redesigned iOS 11 operating system.

A good look at the iPhone 8

iphone 7s plus and 8

The iPhone 8 looks smaller than the 7s Plus.  However, there is not much difference in the screen size because of the edge to edge screen. The phone will also have more sensors in the front to support Face ID (or maybe Pearl ID) feature.  We wonder if Apple will be able to incorporate Touch ID into the entire screen or will they rely on Facial recognition.

We previously reported from a HomePod firmware update that the new iOS will have a SmartCam feature.  Also, there are reports of the iOS muting all notification sounds when users are looking at the phone. There is a lot to be excited for regarding the new Apple releases for this year.

Which phone do you more interested in, let us know in the comments?


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