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Uber Driver Chad Farley Saves Man’s Life

Strange destination

Chad Farley lives in Florida and drives for Uber. Farley, like many others, has been on some interesting Uber trips, to say the least. However, one, in particular, seemed specifically peculiar for the Uber driver.

It was a normal day, just like any other day for the Florida Uber driver. However, on this particular day, the passenger requested a dropoff in the middle of the Skyway bridge. Farley said in an interview on NPR, 

“I looked ahead on the GPS. And I saw that his destination was dead smack at the very top of the Skyway Bridge.”

Chad Farley - Skyway Bridge

Once Farley realized that this man was likely about to commit suicide. He knew he had to take action. Farley stated,

“My first thought was to get somebody else involved.”

He assumed there’s a system in place for this situation. Thinking quickly, Farley spoke with a toll operator. The toll operator advised him to pull over and speak with a supervisor. Fortunately, the supervisor informed him of necessary procedures.

One man’s decision can save a life

Next, Farley made a peculiar request of his own to the passenger, which he explained to NPR saying,

“Before he got out of my car, I just said, you know, hey, I really want to remember you and (have a photo) for when I pray for you, that I have something to look at. And then I asked him if I could take a picture of him. And he said sure. So I took a selfie of us both.”

Next, he dropped him off in a populated section where families and groups of people were gathered. Immediately he called the police after the trip. Fortunately, people nearby saw what the man was trying to commit suicide and they tried to stop him. However, he was able to submerge himself in the water. Thankfully, police arrived quickly and got the man out of the water and resuscitated him. The man was then taken to the hospital.

Farley later spoke on the moments leading up to the trip

“To be honest, I was ready to go home. And I said, I’ll give it 10 minutes over here in this parking lot. And if I don’t get a request, I’m just going to go home. And then he’s the one who requested me. So I just see it as a divine appointment.”

This man’s caring decision helped prevent a man from making a choice he could never take back.

Thank you, Chad Farley!


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