The Darth Vader’s Stick Imperial March

We all know that guy that has the random gift of playing the national anthem with his underarm or Jimmy Fallon playing Hello with Adele only using classroom instruments.

The score in the Star Wars movies has had an instant recognition effect on an entire generation.  The music is done so well that most of us would be able to guess the movie by just hearing it.

One of the most popular Star Wars characters is Darth Vader.  If you don’t you agree, just Google it.  You will see it’s not just me, there are a lot of fans out there who support this opinion.

Just as cool as Darth Vader is as a character, his music is equally as awesome.  Check out The Imperial March which is his theme.  Watch here:

Via YouTube / Merhawk102

Now, back to our randomly talented guy.  This man played imperial march theme with a stick. It is almost impossible to think this guy would be able to play Darth Vader’s Imperial March from just a stick. Watch here:

Via YouTube / Истории Рабиновича

People are loving it from all over the world, it’s worth a watch.

Via: Youtube

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