Spain’s New Robin Hood Restaurant Offers Free Food for Needy

Providing free food to the needy is an amazing concept. There are many non-profit organizations doing good work. However, a concept created by Robin Hood restaurant in Spain is something unique.

Robin Hood
Via The New York Times

Robin Hood said, “steal from the rich to give to the poor.” The restaurant is inspired by the spirit of Robin Hood’s motto, however, this restaurant is not doing anything illegal. The Robin Hood restaurant charges the customers at breakfast and lunch time. Then in the evening, the restaurant has free food for the poor.

Ángel García Rodríguez is the man behind this concept. He is also the president of Messengers of Peace, a nongovernmental organization that employs 3,900 people and 5,000 volunteers. His organization also runs homes for older people, orphanages, centers for drug addicts and other social services.

Spain has many people who are able to receive help from this restaurant’s mission. The Robin Hood restaurant’s motto is “earning from the rich and feed the poor”. Ángel Castillo who lost his job and became homeless is able to get food from the restaurant. He is truly appreciative of the initiatives taken by the restaurant to feed the needy.

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