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Raccoon Family Forms a Chain to Pull Baby over Wall

Watch how one family of raccoons try to help a little one to go over a wall and to safety.

Social media has become a way of sending good vibes all over the world despite the negative news we hear. Inspiring stories of families and friends helping each other are often what we like to find and share. This inspiring family, however, have stripes and fur.

The video captured a family of raccoons trying to get a little one get past the wall. Since the raccoon is too small, getting past the wall looks quite impossible or another way around may take too much time and endanger it from dogs and other predators. The parent raccoons will not allow this and are not ready to leave the little one stranded on the other side of the wall.

The family of raccoons did not give up and built a chain to pull the baby raccoon up. It took a few times to get the little one but the efforts were worth it and the family walked away safely. The family unit is definitely made up of unimaginable love!

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