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Liz Mitchell and Her Boyfriend’s Faith in Christ Leads to Supernatural Miracle

When people have accidents they realize how much their family and friends love them. Those closest to us tend to care for us and show affection when we are hospitalized or in pain. A fast paced life can quickly come to a standstill when you are in the hospital. Patients in hospitals can often sense the peace, love, and prayers around them. Many accidents can inspire you to continue your life and motivate you to love your family and friends.

A Dallas district attorney, Liz Mitchell was raised in the church, and always had a relationship with Jesus Christ.  However, she had become stagnant in her faith.  She was in great shape both physically and mentally. Yet, one night she fell 17-feet from her second-floor apartment to the pavement below. Liz was quickly taken to the hospital and Brian, her boyfriend, arrived with her family.

After the check-up, the doctor told her family and boyfriend she had a broken neck. The doctor told Brian, “She is paralyzed from the chest down and will never walk again.” Brian was absolutely devastated after hearing those piercing words. Brian had so much faith in God and started going to church to pray for her.

Four days later Liz came out of her coma and she rededicated her life to following Jesus. Brian told her, “Even if you are in a wheelchair I still love you”. Suddenly a normal relationship became a spiritual bond. The couple started to pray daily and their prayers were graciously answered by God. Combining fervent prayers and a will to get better she showed some positive signs she may walk again. After taking treatment and therapy for paralysis she began walking again. Since then, Brian and Liz got married and are now enjoying their life together. Their faith in Christ brought supernatural healing and has truly changed their lives.

Check out their video below:

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