Pixel 2 Design Inadvertently Leaked by Case Retailer

Pixel 2
Via MobileFun

MobileFun leaked what is likely an early look at the Pixel 2. Google’s second generation flagship phone which started with the Pixel 1. The website states that customers can preorder the case to fit the new phone now.

The design of the phone looks much like its predecessor, the Pixel 1, with a tall design and minimalistic bezels. Also, the phone seems to feature a large camera lens on the back of the device and a light for flash photography.

The above gel case may also confirm the “squeezable” frame feature that will give users access to various actions just by squeezing the edges of the phone. The feature would give users with a slew of new interactions with the device.

The leaked photo, however, does not verify if Google will indeed ditch the headphone jack with this model. Apple made a controversial decision with the iPhone 7 to remove the headphone jack to move customers to wireless headphones.

Google is in planning to release the Pixel 2 later this year. With the Pixel 1 released in October 2016, this should give us a good sign of the time frame.

MobileFun is known to “accidentally” leak renders of various phones including the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The company tends to post the cases for preorder earlier than the real release date of the device.

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