New Director Chosen After Ben Affleck Leaves the Role for The Batman Movie 2018

Ben Affleck Gives up Directorial Rights for the Batman

The Batman Movie 2018
The Batman Movie 2018

During April of last year, Warner Brothers announced that Batman Vs Superman star Ben Affleck will reprise his role of Batman and direct a standalone film. However, in January of 2017, Ben Affleck decided to step down from the role of director. Some say his decision came from creative differences and some assume it was Affleck’s decision to focus more on his acting role in the film. Either way, Affleck says he is completely committed to making a great standalone film. The project along with other Warner Brothers DC Comics projects have had a few creative hiccups. So much so that the director for The Flash standalone movie left the project. Now it seems like Warner Brothers are delaying these movies as a result.

The Batman movie is having its screenplay rewritten and Affleck has complained he will not work on the film until they have a script worthy of a standalone film.

During February 2017, Warner Brothers announced that they have selected Matt Reeves, who directed the recent Planet of the Apes films, to direct the standalone Batman movie.  He will work alongside Ben Affleck to make sure the film has a strong script with a shared vision.

The more time they take to craft and develop this film the more fun we should have watching it! The expectation is that the film would start shooting this year and have a late 2018 release date.

Hopefully, the film will be better than the last two Warner Brother films Batman Vs. Superman & Suicide Squad which left many DC Comics fans disappointed.

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