Who Needs the Nae Nae Dance When You Can Clone Yourself

Who Needs the Nae Nae Dance When You Can Clone Yourself
Via YouTube / Ninh Nguyen

Dancer creates an amazing graphic animation dance routine on Mongolia’s Got Talent and puts that nae nae dance to shame.  The resulting routine uses various sights and colors to create a very intricate and unique performance that leaves viewers speechless.

Shijirbat has spent eight years in graphic design and nine years as a student of dance.  He has found a solid balance between his abilities as a dancer and the computer generated elements.  It’s amazing how Shijirbat is able to create shapes and lights that respond to his movements.  The grand finally of his performance consist of detailed choreography with computer generated clones following his every move!

Via YouTube / Ninh Nguyen

Just in case you want to compare the dance above with the Nae Nae dance check it out below and leave us a comment.

Via YouTube / SilentoVEVO


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