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Watch Macho Man Randy Savage’s Bizarre Interview with Coffee Creamer

The WWE used to be known for over-the-top characters. Top athletes were amazingly charismatic and able to captivate an audience. The Macho Man Randy Savage was a great example.

Cream of the crop.

He was able to convey a message of greatness using a little coffee creamer cup. Stating that he is “the cream of the crop.” In fact, he was able to make a clever connection in this unpredictable and somewhat confusing interview. Next time you have a cup of coffee you will surely think of the Macho Man and say, “I’m the cream of the crop, I’m gonna rise to the top!”

Heres to the age of over the top characters which built professional wrestling in the early days. Those of us who remember Hulkamania can attest to the craziness of the characters during that time. Enjoy!

Check out the below for this bizarre yet creative interview.

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