Kids Receive Early Christmas Gift of Warmth With New Winter Coats

Have you ever walked out on an early winter day to find that you have not prepared for a chilling day? It’s a bad feeling. Even the more when you are a young child whose family cannot afford proper winter clothing.

I’ve had days where I didn’t plan well enough for the wintery conditions outside. I often regret not wearing an extra layer of clothing or a thick jacket. However, one New York City school decided to make sure each child had no regrets about cold weather during this winter.

Operation Warm provided children at the school with brand new winter coats for free. The youngsters were surprised when they were given the opportunity to pick out any coat they wanted. It was truly an early Christmas surprise for each student.

Check out the video below showing the children’s excitement.

Thanks, Operation Warm for making these children’s winter a little warmer.


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