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Jose Altuve Celebrates Daughters 1st Birthday Despite World Series

Jose Altuve has significantly raised the standard for being there as a father

Work, school, deadlines, travel and just about any other thing you can think of, can get in the way of quality time with our little ones. However, Jose Altuve has significantly raised the standard for being present as a father. Why you ask?  Despite being in the 2017 World Series, he still made it to his daughter’s 1st birthday.

Jose & Nina Altuve made time to celebrate their daughter Melanie’s 1st birthday this past weekend of October 27th – 29th, 2017. The 27-year-old Astros 2nd basemen was still in preparation for the biggest games of his life at the time. But still, he would not miss his daughters birthday for anything. The celebration may have been short, however, it was delightful to see Altuve prioritize his family.

Thank You, Jose Altuve

Jose Altuve gave a great example of being a great father to many men across the world. He sacrificed practice time to be with family. Jose Altuve has a certain genuineness to his character that makes him quite likable and a joy to watch. As you’ve most likely heard the Astros are now World Series Champions and none deserves it more than Jose Altuve.

Watch Jose and Nina celebrate with their daughter Melanie below!

Thank you for your leadership and great character Jose Altuve! And Happy Birthday to your little girl Melanie!


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