Is Your Child’s Birthday Coming Soon? Here’s 4 Amazing Gift Ideas

New Furniture

A new bed, dresser, or desk will help your child make the most of his or her room and keep it tidy. Quality furniture pieces can last years, and choosing them in a neutral color palette will allow them to grow with your child as his or her tastes evolve. Try to choose furniture styles that are ergonomically designed, especially for desks. You can then accessorize with stuffed animals, character-themed sheets, and curtains or choose a piece that inspires their creativity. These are easily swapped out as your child grows.

Trip to Disney

A trip to Disney is a popular and enjoyable present for children, and adults often find much to enjoy at Disney attractions, too. Your child can visit Cinderella’s castle in the Magic Kingdom and get up close with exotic animals in the Animal Kingdom. The nightly fireworks display is often a treasured memory for all guests. Parents can also enjoy parks like EPCOT, where they can visit the Disney versions of Scotland, France, Mexico, and other countries on the EPCOT world tour and discover unique gifts and fine cuisine at each destination. They can also ride the monorail throughout the park. When planning a trip to Disney, tickets can be booked online in advance, and you can also search price comparison sites to find the best hotel rates and the cheapest dates to choose for your theme park trip. Be sure to plan well, as some of the most popular attractions are situated in the Magic Kingdom, which is the busiest theme park in the world.

Sports or Arts Lessons

Studies have shown that people, including children, often appreciate the gift of an experience more than the gift of an item. Gifting your child a series of sports or arts lessons would provide him or her with the opportunity to have fun, make new friends, and learn a new skill. When choosing a particular activity, make sure to select something tailored to your child’s interests. If your child is athletic, martial arts or baseball lessons may inspire him or her; children who are artistically inclined will likely appreciate piano, violin, or drawing lessons.

An International Trip

For older children, a trip outside of the country can be an adventure and provide a new sense of perspective. If your child is studying a foreign language, taking him or her to a country where that language is spoken can provide a chance to improve language skills. As long as you make sure both you and your child know how to be safe, the experience can be a once in a lifetime event. Seeing how other people around the world live can build empathy and cultural understanding, helping your child to become a global citizen.

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