Reports Suggest That the iPhone 8 Will Have Face ID Feature

iphone face idThe HomePod firmware release is the gift that keeps on giving. The release has already given us an early look at a glyph of what is believed to be the iPhone 8. Also, in the code, there was mention of a new camera feature called SmartCam.

Now, MacRumors is reporting that the new iPhone may be able to detect your face to unlock it, even when lying flat. The feature is buried in the code related to accessibility of the phone. It was specifically found as “AXRestingPearlUnlock” and “” in the code.

iphone Face ID
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Touch ID a Thing of the Past?

Touch ID may cease to exist with reports that facial recognition would be more secure than using a finger print. This may also align with reports of delays or problems that Apple has faced getting the Touch ID finger print scanner incorporated into the entire screen of the phone. The feature would be an easy work around that would allow the company to fight any production delays.

How Will Face ID Affect Privacy

The hypothetical Face ID feature will definitely lead to many privacy questions. If the phone is held up to someone’s face would it just unlock? What will prevent law enforcement from accessing the phone? How will the feature handle low light situations?  How well will it work with ApplePay and other related uses?

The feature has already led to questions on Twitter:

Whats your thoughts on Face ID?


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