How to Declutter Your Home to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety can be thought of as internal clutter, or unwanted thoughts and concerns that overwhelm the mind. It makes perfect sense then that outside clutter can also contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety. Not only can a tidy home put the mind at ease, but the process of clearing out and organizing can declutter the mind, too. Ridding your home of unwanted items can be difficult, just as ridding the mind of unwanted thoughts can feel impossible. Accomplishing both, however, will leave you with a sense of meaning and peace.

Feeling the Effects

People experience stress and anxiety for many reasons. Some people are pathologically prone to anxiety, while others might find themselves in the midst of stressful circumstances. Pathology and circumstances aside, we live in a busy world and life is invariably stressful. Prolonged stress and anxiety can lead to illness, so it’s important to find ways of reducing stress and anxiety. Decluttering your home is one of these ways.

Stash it or Trash It?

The first step in decluttering is deciding what you do and don’t need. Our homes are undoubtedly overcrowded with things we don’t even want. One consideration with this is making the choice between what to keep in your house and what to store. Before moving anything into self-storage, ensure that proper precautions are taken to protect any fragile or vulnerable items. Stashing what you want to keep and trashing what you don’t need will help your mind to settle on the things that are necessary.

Cleaning House

After you clear away clutter, it is time to clean the house. All that should be left in your home are items you need, use, and want. Take the time to rearrange and reorganize and put your house back together in a way that leaves it uncluttered. Having a clear space to live in at home will help give you newfound peace of mind.

Donate Items

If you are getting rid of items in decent condition, give them away to a charity or homeless shelter. Some will even pick up items for you so you don’t need to even leave the home.  Not only are you helping someone else in need, but you’re helping yourself by doing something purposeful and meaningful.

Once your home is decluttered, you will feel proud of the hard work and all the good you accomplished. An untidy home is now one less source of anxiety and stress!


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