Former Conjoined Twins Jadon and Anias McDonald Say “Dada”

Conjoined twins are always the subject of curiosity for many health experts. In most of the cases, it is impossible to separate the conjoined twins.

Conjoined twins Jadon and Anias McDonald were born at Rush Hospital in Chicago, IL on September of 2015 and were conjoined at the head.

Twins before Surgery:

Former Conjoined Twins

Dr. James Goodrich, a leading expert in the field of craniopagus surgery, and his team carried out the 27-hour surgery. The operation was performed after the conjoined twins reached 13-months-old. Most critical are the first 72 hours after such a surgery, however, both the twins recovered well and are out of the danger zone.

Nicole and Christian McDonald are proud parents of the twins. Their prayers were answered, the separation surgery was a miracle!

Former Conjoined Twins

After the separation, the twins are recovering really well and have reached a normal stage. They have even started talking, though the words are not clear.

See the cute video below of the twins saying dada.

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