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Family Horse Creates Unforgettable Moment at Wedding

Weddings are often times where couples choose to honor lost loved ones. It’s often a touching moment when each guest knows the significance of a certain aspect of a wedding.

Patti Womer decided to pay tribute to her dad who passed away last year.  She did so by including her family horses in her wedding ceremony. The horses had been part of the family’s life since she was a small child.

The horses, Dutch and Cricket, ended up leaving a major impression on everyone at the wedding, as well as, a memory that would last forever. She chose to leave one horse with an empty saddle in remembrance of her father as she made her way down the aisle on horseback. However, before Patti started going down the aisle, the photographer caught an unlikely photo.

The horse she was riding leaned forward and gave a heart-melting smile. The photo could not get any better, with both Patti and the horse smiling on camera in unison.

Check out the photo below in the video.

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