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Doctor Sings Beautifully…Between Trauma Surgeries

Stress management is different for everyone. Some choose to do breathing exercises to handle stress. However, there are those who use other means to relieve stress. A massage might be necessary or quality-time with a loved one. When someone is in a highly stressful situation such as trauma surgery, there may be a need for more creative means of stress management.

In Rochester, Minnesota, a third-year resident orthopedic surgeon by the name of Dr. Elvis Francois uses singing to de-stress between surgeries. He sounds more like a contestant on The Voice. He took a moment between a spine trauma surgery to sing the below song. Dr. Francois is a firm believer in art and music as part of patient care, saying “music is medicine.”

doctor sings
Via Inside Edition

Music is medicine.

With that said, his patients are in good hands with his surgical and crooning care.

We commend this doctor for taking the time to care for his patients beyond just surgery.


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