Do You Drive a Lot? Here’s What to Look for in Your New Phone Case

Nowadays, people are seldom without their phones, even when driving. However, laws are becoming stricter as the number of accidents due to distracted driving continues to rise. Many drivers rely on their smartphones to provide entertainment and GPS navigation while driving. Individuals who rely on and work side gigs, like driving for Lyft or Postmates, also may rely on their phones as a precious source of income. Here are things to consider when shopping for a new phone case that will stand the wear and tear of car travel. 


Grippy phone cases feature a silicone or plastic outer layer that allows it to stick to a variety of surfaces. This is especially useful for when you need easy access to your phone to use apps or GPS while driving. You can attach it to your dash, steering wheel or other parts of your car, so the screen is perfectly visible while you are driving. Be aware that grippy phone cases constantly need to be cleaned as they tend to attract lint, dust and other debris. If you select a grippy phone case, you’ll want to ensure that it covers any holes or ports on your phone so that you can easily clean it with water or glass cleaner solution. 


A magnetic phone case provides the convenience of being able to affix your phone to the various metallic parts of your car, such as the air vent or parts of the dash. This is particularly useful if you live in a state that doesn’t allow you to use your phone as this still enables you to use dictation and hands-free modes like voice control. Magnetic cases are also advantageous if you use GPS on your mobile device to help you get around town or need quick access to various apps while working your side gig. 


If you are prone to dropping your phone or often allow your young children to use it during extended drives, you need a case that is durable and can withstand a little bit of rough handling. Many of the best-rated cases all have durability in common. They often feature extra padding and tactical grade equipment, such as ballistic glass or packaging, to ensure your phone stays protected in case it’s thrown or dropped. Some of the more expensive phone case brands offer an extended warranty or an extra layer of coverage in the event your phone gets damaged even when outfitted in the case.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a phone case to protect your expensive smartphone. If you drive a lot, you’ll want something that works with the configuration of your car, such as being able to be applied to the air vent or dashboard for easy access.
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