How Conor McGregor Can Beat Mayweather in a Super Fight

John Kavanagh Prepares His Top Level Protege for Super Fight

“In my mind, it’s on.”

John Kavanagh has already started planning the training regimen for the top tier UFC superstar Conor McGregor. While the fight is not technically official the contracts appear to be in the final stages and things are moving forward favoring the super fight to happen this year. Kavanagh is not wasting anytime waiting for the “official decision” telling Fox Sports Australia “In my mind, it’s on.”

So what are the keys to go toe to toe with an elite boxing champion that has never lost a fight?

McGregor must use power and technique

Well, Conor McGregor definitely has a chance…but only if he plays to his strengths.

Remember when Conor McGregor fought Jose Aldo at UFC 194 just in case you forgot I posted the Full fight below which is about 21 seconds.

In the beginning, it seems they are kind of feeling each other out throwing a few punches and kicks and getting a feel for the range. THEN BOOM! Jose Aldo comes pushing forward giving himself up for an easy counter attack which ultimately ended the fight.

The reason I brought this up is because Aldo was nervous and he just went for it without thinking and it cost him the fight. McGregor CANNOT afford to get off his game at all because Mayweather is too good for that. McGregor could lose his poise much like Aldo did if Mayweather lights him up and McGregor responds with rage rather than technique and critical fight IQ.

In order for McGregor to win he will have to use his power and UFC fighting technique, he really needs to see this as a UFC fight in a boxing ring with no kicks, elbows or knees allowed.

I believe if McGregor stays calm and poised, his heavy hands can easily drop anyone!

I believe in McGregor and he can come up with the upset!

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