Boy Meets Donor Who Saved His Life

Nothing can be more stressful than dealing with cancer. Anyone who’s been through cancer in their body or even in the family can attest to the pain it causes. The anguish can become even deeper when it involves a young person.

This was the case for Jack Eppley. He was 11-years-old when he was diagnosed with blood cancer. After various stints in and out of hospitals, his family was ultimately told that Jack would require a stem cell transplant.

Amazingly, out of 27 million people, Jack was able to be matched to two bone marrow donors. Mike, from Massachusets, made the decision to save the boy’s life and be the donor for the child.

This year Jack was able to meet Mike for the first time,  since his successful bone marrow transplant almost two years ago. The two families have been able to forge an incredible bond.

Check out this video showing Jack meeting the donor that saved his life.


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