Apple iPhone 8 May Include SmartCam Feature

apple iphone 8
Via iKream

iPhone fever is at its highest as we approach the 10 year anniversary of the first Apple iPhone. All signs point to a fully revamped Apple iPhone 8 reaching customers before year-end.

The most interesting features expected is a home button-less design and an edge to edge screen. We hear a lot about the design of the phone, and the potential for the phone to have a finger print scanner built in the screen.

However, the camera has yet to get much attention, until now. Guilherme Rambo dug through a recent developer release for the Apple HomePod and uncovered some interesting codes that could be within the iPhone 8. The interesting feature is the something called SmartCam. The SmartCam code would allow the phone’s camera to adjust to various scenes it detects.

The scenes in the code include baby, bright stage, document, fireworks, foliage, pet, point light source, QR code, sky, snow, sport, sunset, sunrise, and others. If this feature works well, it could be revolutionary to the iPhone’s already stellar camera.

Would this feature be enough to get you to buy the Apple iPhone 8 or does the Pixel 2 still sound better?


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