Amazing Soccer Goal Made the Whole Stadium Roar

Nothing is more exciting than an amazing soccer goal. The sport often showcases amazing people doing seemingly impossible things. Soccer, like many sports, demands a lot of skills, patience, and perseverance to reach success. Below is a video of a goalie pulling off a rather miraculous goal. The goal actually allowed the team to tie the game at a critical stage.

The amazing shot made by South African goalie Masuluke Oscarine of Baroka FC. The team was playing against the Orlando Pirates and the goal was a last-minute miracle from Oscarine. The opposing team tried to stop the bicycle shot but the attempt was in vain. This 23-year-old South African goalie’s score is used as part of sports highlight reels to this day.  The smiles on the faces of Baroka FC team is a sweet reflection of how important the goal was for the team.

Via LiveLeak

Is there another amazing soccer goal you think the world should know about?

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