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3 Natural Cleaning Tips for a Fresher Home

A clean, fresh house determines the mood, energy, and happiness levels of everybody who calls the house a home. However, there’s a negative side to using conventional cleaning methods: exposure to chemicals. The strong odor of synthetic pine trees barely masks the use of potentially toxic substances. By switching to natural or organic means, you can rejuvenate our homes while keeping your body healthier.

Use Baking Soda

As you may have learned in chemistry class, baking soda is also known as sodium bicarbonate and its pH level is slightly higher than neutral, making it a basic compound. This is why cleaning experts love baking soda, as basic substances break down acidic compounds, which includes stains. It is also a natural, non-toxic substance.

Cordless Vacuum Guide discusses all of the uses for baking soda. Baking soda can be used to scrub hard to remove burn stains on cookware. It can also be used with a mop to clean the kitchen floor, added to a fridge to remove odors, or it can be used in combination with vinegar. Its strong reaction to vinegar turns it into a grease-fighting machine, able to remove tough oven stains.

Use Essential Oils

People think essential oils are for aromatic or bathing purposes only, but this is not true. These oils are nature’s chemical compounds, straight from the source, which can include cleansing, refreshing, and stain-removing properties.

For example, you can use lemon essential oil along with a cleansing essential oil like eucalyptus to create your own lemon-scented counter cleaner. Just dilute a teaspoon of each into a spray container.

Another helpful essential oil to consider is black pepper. According to researchers, this oil appears to help individuals have a healthier and improved quality of life.

doTERRA recommends that essential oils should be sourced from quality plants in indigenous locations for the best quality. One solution is to order fair trade oils, harvested from direct sources by local populations via ethical working conditions.

Use Cornstarch

It’s surprising, but cornstarch is used for more than just cooking. You can liberally sprinkle cornstarch on an upholstery or carpet stain, allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes, and then wash with some baking soda or simply vacuum it up and the stain will be dissolved. Clean My Space also suggests using cornstarch to polish silver dinnerware, for windows and glass, grease stains, odor control and more.

There are many reasons to avoid harsh chemicals, from your children to your pets. And while these solutions are surprisingly simple, they still work just fine–sometimes better than commercial chemicals–while providing a distinct sense of relief knowing there are fewer toxic things you or your family could be exposed to.

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